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1 Genuine Suzuki Protection
Suzuki Protection Plan (SPP) is fully backed by Suzuki Canada Inc., and provides virtually the same coverage as the Suzuki Limited Warranty.
2 No Kilometer Limitation
Your Suzuki was meant to be ridden, and we encourage you to do just that. Just like the Suzuki Limited Warranty, there is no kilometer limitation. 
3 Zero Deductible
You will face no out-of-pocket expenses. Suzuki Protection Plan will take care of the entire cost of covered parts and repairs using genuine Suzuki parts (Used ATV and Motorcycle plans have a $50 deductible)
4 Towing and Rental Reimbursement
In the event of a covered breakdown, Suzuki Protection Plan will prepay the costs of transporting your Suzuki to the nearest Suzuki dealer and a rental unit. See your contract for details.
5 Transferable
Your Suzuki Protection Plan is transferable during the life of the plan to the next owner, increasing your Suzuki’s retail value.
6 Coverage
Suzuki Protection Plan is a comprehensive plan that covers all major components, parts and electrical/computer systems along with all seals and gaskets and shocks on your Suzuki Motorcycle or ATV. Only normal wear or maintenance items are not covered. We’ve built Suzuki Protection Plan around coverage, not exclusions.


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