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EFFECTIVE DATE: May 25, 2015


At Suzuki we believe in ‘Keeping It Real’ and all Suzuki Genuine Parts & Accessories supplied through our web site are warranted free from manufacturing defects. Bolt-on parts & accessories must be correctly installed as described in the appropriate Suzuki Service Manual or instruction sheet. This warranty is subject to the following conditions:


1. TERM: The term of this warranty is ninety (90) days or 5,000 km, whichever occurs first, from the date of sale except for parts installed on RMX models which will have a thirty (30) day unlimited km warranty from the date of sale.


2. LIMITATION: This warranty shall not apply to:

a) any parts or accessories that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty (including winch

and all related components);

b) all electrical components, sold “over the counter”;

c) normal wear parts including, without limitation, all rubber parts (except brake hoses,

engine seals and transmission seals), spark plugs, bulbs, lenses, spark plug wires, ignition points, cables, fuses, condensers, tires, tubes, brake lining, clutch plates, filters, fluids, hoses, hardware, contact brushes and thermostats;

d) any parts or accessories which are installed on a Suzuki unit which has been used for

competition, rental, commercial delivery, or unintended applications;

e) any parts or accessories that are installed on a unit which has not been operated in

accordance with the operating instructions in the Suzuki Owner’s Manual;

f) any defect caused by misuse, negligence, abnormal use or insufficient maintenance;

g) any parts or accessories which are installed on a Suzuki unit that has been used for purposes other than what it is designed for;

h) any parts which are installed on a unit in which parts not approved by Suzuki have been


i) any parts or accessories which are installed on a unit that are subsequently disassembled, adjusted or repaired by other than an authorized Suzuki dealer;

j) any parts or accessories which are installed on a Suzuki unit on which the odometer is inoperative or the actual mileage cannot be determined;

k) any parts or accessories which require replacement as a result of an accident or collision;


l) any parts or accessories installed on Suzuki Racing Motorcycles (i.e. RM Models).


3. OWNER’S WARRANTY RESPONSIBILITES: To obtain warranty service, it is the responsibility of the owner of the Suzuki Motorcycle/ATV to:

a) take the Suzuki Motorcycle/ATV, at the owner’s expense, to an authorized Suzuki dealer

during normal service hours;

b) present proof of purchase, installation date and odometer reading at the time of original

installation; and


c) make any repairs or replacements which are required and are not covered by this warranty.


4. SUZUKI’S WARRANTY OBLIGATION: If any defects should be found in a Suzuki Genuine Part or Accessory within the terms stipulated above and Suzuki acknowledges that such defect is attributable to a manufacturing defect then Suzuki’s only obligation is to repair or replace the part shown to be defective with a replacement part at no cost to the owner.  The owner is responsible for any repair or replacements that are not covered by this warranty.


5. LABOUR: Labour for replacement or repair of Suzuki Genuine Part or Accessories is also covered if the defective item was originally installed by an Authorized Suzuki Dealer and only if replaced or repaired by an Authorized Suzuki Dealer.


6. EXTENT OF WARRANTY: This warranty is the entire written warranty given by Suzuki for Suzuki Genuine Parts and Accessories and no dealer or his/her agent or employee is authorized to make any verbal warranty on Suzuki’s behalf. This warranty is in addition to and does not attempt to exclude or limit any statutory warranty, which by law may not be excluded or limited.


7. DISCLAIMER OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE: To the extent permitted by law, and except as

set out in sections 4 (Suzuki’s Warranty Obligation) and 5 (Labour) above, Suzuki assumes no responsibility for loss of use of the Motorcycle/ATV/Outboard Motor, loss of time,

inconvenience or other indirect, incidental or consequential damage resulting from the unit not being available to the owner because of any defect covered by this warranty.


8. CLAIM PROCEDURE: Please contact our Customer Relations to file a claim and obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number. Once we have verified the fault, we will issue you a replacement order or repair the part as per this policy.

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