East Stretch Bungee

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The E-Cord is our Easy Stretch Cord and is perfect for anyone and anything! The E-Cord comes in three different lengths 12”, 18” and 24” lengths and 7 colors. The E-Cord comes with 2 integrated Nylon S-Hook Ends that are over-molded into the cord. Having the Nylon S-Hook feature means the cords can’t and won’t scratch you paint or chrome. E-Cords are made from FlexaPure™, like all our products it has all the standard features the material is capable of such as UV resistance, Chemical and Fuel Resistance, saltwater proof and the ability to stretch 2x their length. The E-Cord will not break down from UV exposure, will not dry-rot or become brittle. Exposure to extreme cold or heat will not affect the stretch of the cords.

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