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Your road to becoming an authorized Suzuki Dealer has just begun. Every exciting Suzuki model, from our DF2.5 outboard to the latest Hayabusa, fuels our passion for parting seas, blazing new trails, and dominating racetracks. And for over 50 years, every one of our dedicated dealers has helped us share this passion across Canada.  We’re thrilled you are as interested in our products as we are.


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Note: The information you provide is preliminary and is not considered an application for a dealership. All applications for dealerships must be approved in writing by an officer of Suzuki Canada Inc. (SCI) and must undergo a thorough evaluation process. SCI does not assume any obligation of liability for any costs you may incur in preparing or submitting any information to SCI. Any action taken by you concerning this information should be done at your own risk, peril and liability.