Rider Training

Improving your riding skills is a fun and informative process that will give you greater confidence aboard your Suzuki.

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Take the Time to be Trained

The Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council (MMIC) is a national, non-profit trade association that represents the manufacturers and distributors of street legal motorcycles and related products and services in Canada. MMIC’s GoMotorcycling.ca promotes the awesome lifestyle associated with riding a motorcycle and acts as a resource for new and experienced riders.

A top priority for new riders is to take a certified motorcycle training course. Visit the MMIC’s GoMotorcycling.ca site for information on riding schools in Canada.

Be the best rider that you can be, take the time to be trained.


Pacific Riding School

Pacific Riding School is based in Surrey, BC and offers a variety of courses for motorcycle enthusiasts from ICBC certified street courses, to adventure courses. Pacific Riding School also offers maintenance and advanced courses for those who really want to understand how everything works together.

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FAST Riding Schools

FAST Riding School offers the simplest, safest way to enjoy all aspects of motorcycle riding. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, sportbike rider or touring enthusiast, they will teach you how to become a safer more confident rider in a controlled structured environment.

Industry Organizations


MMIC (Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council)

In this site, you will find information and resources to help you make the most of your motorcycle riding experience. So whether you are new to motorcycling or a long-time motorcyclist, there is something for everyone.


MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada)

MCC is a not-for-profit national advocacy organization that champions motorcycling interests throughout Canada. MCC supports the growth of responsible motorcycling in Canada by increasing awareness of positive aspects of the sport.


Canada Safety Council

Whether you ride for sport or transportation, you need to be prepared with the skills, and knowledge for safe and enjoyable riding.


COHV (Canadian Off-highway Vehicle Distributors Council)

The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV), formerly the Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Distributors Council (CATV), originally founded in 1984, is a national, nonprofit, trade association representing the responsible interests of the major ATV and off-highway motorcycle manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets of OHV related products and services. The member companies of the COHV account for over 90 percent of all the new OHVs sold in Canada.