Suzuki Canada FAQs

Do you have a question about your Suzuki? Here are some of our more frequently asked questions.

Yes, the model information and date of manufacture are on an attached vehicle ID plate (VIN).

Please contact your Authorized Suzuki Dealer or

Contact your local Authorized Suzuki Dealer. To find a dealer visit the locator at

The Warranty follows the vehicle; however your local dealer can update Suzuki’s Records.

Suzuki Protection Plan is available to provide up to 4 years of Warranty coverage and can be purchased within one year of purchasing a new motorcycle, ATV or outboard motor.

No, but if the service is done incorrectly or is incomplete, and is the cause of a failure, it will not be covered under warranty. You must also save all receipts.

Suzuki provides warranty through Canadian Suzuki Dealers only.

No. All retail transactions are conducted exclusively through Suzuki’s authorized dealerships.

Contact your local Suzuki Dealer or visit the online webstore at

Contact your Suzuki Authorized Dealer, To locate a dealer visit

Key blanks can be ordered through your Suzuki dealer, if you have an existing key, a locksmith can duplicate your key, and if you have the key tag code #, the key can be reproduced.

You can contact the Corporate office at or 1-866-828-7252. Agents are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 to 4:30 est. Please make sure you have your VIN and vehicle ID number available.

To provide the most accurate information to you the consumer, beginning with 2009 model year motorcycles and ATVs, Suzuki lists “Curb Weight” rather than dry weight. “Curb Weight” is the weight of the machine as you would ride it on the street or trail factoring in all necessary fluids including oil, battery acid, brake fluid and a full tank of fuel. “Dry Weight” is the weight minus all operating fluids.

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