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What is "Curb Weight" vs "Dry Weight"?

To provide the most accurate information to you the consumer, beginning with 2009 model year motorcycles and ATVs, Suzuki lists “Curb Weight” rather than dry weight. “Curb Weight” is the weight of the machine as you would ride it on the street or trail factoring in all necessary fluids including oil, battery acid, brake fluid and a full tank of fuel. “Dry Weight” is the weight minus all operating fluids.

How do I get a duplicate key?

Your Suzuki dealer can order one (1) pre cut key. They will need the key tag # provided at the time of sale.

Who can I contact regarding my Suzuki Protection Plan (SPP?)

Contact your local Authorized Suzuki dealer.

How do I find the nearest Suzuki dealer?

Visit the dealer locator and enter your postal code.

How do I contact Suzuki Canada Inc.?

You can contact the Corp office at 705-999-8600. Agents are available Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm est. You can also write to us at 360 Saunders Road, Barrie Ontario, L4N-9Y2 Please make sure you have your vehicle ID number available.

What do I do if I have a concern or problem with my Suzuki?

Contact your Suzuki Dealer

Can I purchase MC/ATV or parts direct?

No, all retail transactions are conducted exclusively through Suzuki’s authorized dealerships

Where can I get information about Suzuki products or accessories?

Contact your local Suzuki Dealer or visit the online accessories catalog.

Where can I get an owners or service manual?

Contact your local Suzuki Dealer

Can I transfer the warranty?

The Warranty follows the vehicle; however your local dealer can update Suzuki’s Records.

Will it void my warranty if I do my own services or have my own mechanic do them?

No, but if the service is done incorrectly or incomplete and the cause of a failure it will not be covered under warranty. You must also save all receipts.

What if I have a problem after the Warranty has expired?

In most cases a Suzuki Protection Plan Warranty is available to provide up to 4 years of Warranty coverage.

If I export my Canadian Suzuki to another country what Warranty coverage will it have?

Suzuki provides warranty through Canadian Suzuki Dealers only.

Are the year and model listed anywhere on the motorcycle?

Yes, the model information and date of manufacture are on an attached ID plate.

Where do I get information regarding recalls?

Please contact us by filling out this form


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