Standard Duty Bungee

SKU: 99991-PBxxY



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The SD Strap is our standard duty bungee strap, for everyday usage in any application. The strap comes in 12”, 18” 24” and 36” lengths, 7 colors and features our Nylon S-Hook, Triangulated Stainless Steel S-Hook and our Triangulated Galvanized S-Hook. The SD Strap is made from our unique FlexaPure™ material, has more stretch-ability then the HD Strap, making it easier to use in everyday applications. Since all of our SD Straps are made from FlexaPure™ they are UV resistant, chemical and fuel resistant, saltwater proof and are able to stretch 2x their original length. If you live in hard climates, don’t worry, these straps won’t dry rot, crack or become brittle they will also hold their stretch and stretch in all conditions!

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