Returning Your Suzuki Motorcycle to Service in the Spring

Suzuki GSX-S750
Image: GSX-S750

Does this sound like you?

When the good weather comes, you can’t wait to get out for a ride, even on days that are still a little too chilly.

But – hold on, you need to give your bike some attention before your first ride of the year. While you can always check with your dealer or your owner’s manual for information specific to your machine, here’s a general overview of bike spring maintenance.

Motorcycle Storage and Storage Removal

Your bike’s owner’s manual explains the procedure of storing your bike over the winter and the particulars of removing it from storage. Suzuki recommends that your bike be serviced prior to winter storage by a qualified technician. The storage procedure is described below:

  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly
  • Fill the fuel tank to the top with fuel mixed with stabilizer (check with manufacturer’s recommendations)
  • Run the engine for a few minutes until the stabilized gasoline fills the fuel injection system
  • Pour one tablespoon of ECSTAR motor oil (or as indicated in your owner’s manual) into each spark plug hole. Reinstall the spark plugs and crank the engine a few times
  • Drain the engine oil thoroughly and refill the crankcase with fresh engine oil all the way up to the filler hole
  • Cover the air cleaner intake and the muffler outlet with oily rags to prevent humidity from entering
  • Remove the battery from the motorcycle, clean it to remove any corrosion from the terminals and wiring harness
  • Store the battery in a room that is consistently above freezing
  • Ensure tires are inflated to the normal pressure
  • Spray all vinyl and rubber parts with protectant and any unpainted surfaces with rust preventative
  • Coat painted surfaces with car wax for protection
  • During storage, recharge your battery once a month
Suzuki Pitboxes

Returning your Bike to Service

In the spring, the procedure for returning your bike to service is simple if the above procedure was followed:

  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly
  • Remove the oily rags protecting the air cleaner and muffler outlet
  • Drain the engine oil and install a new oil filter and fill the engine with fresh ECSTAR oil
  • Remove the spark plugs and turn the engine a few times, then reinstall the spark plugs
  • Reinstall the battery
  • Ensure the motorcycle is thoroughly lubricated
  • Thoroughly inspect the motorcycle (with the engine turned off for safety)
    • Steering is smooth and there is no looseness or restriction of movement
    • Throttle has the correct amount of play and positive return of the throttle grip to the closed position
    • Clutch is smooth
    • Proper pedal and lever operation of brakes and fluid is to be above the lower line
    • Brakes have no sponginess or leakage, and brake pads are not worn
    • Suspension should be smooth
    • Fuel is sufficient for the planned distance of operation
    • Drive chain tension is correct, and it is lubricated and not showing excessive wear and tear
    • Tires are filled to the appropriate pressure and there is adequate tread depth and no cracking or cuts
    • Engine oil is sufficiently filled
    • Coolant is filled to the appropriate level and is not leaking
    • Horn, engine stop switch, and side stand/ignition interlock system is operating as normal
    • Windshield offers good visibility

Lastly, check the kilometers on the motorcycle and note the next scheduled maintenance period. The next scheduled maintenance is to be done according to time and mileage, whichever occurs first. For example, if the 12,000 km / 24-month service was done in 2020, the next service will be due after another 6,000 km or 12 months, whichever occurs first.

That first springtime ride is probably one of the most memorable rides you’ll have all year. Warm sun, fresh air, cool breeze…! Take a bit of extra care in the spring as the roads may be a bit more weathered than last fall. Unexpected potholes or sand deposits can make it a bit of a rougher ride. It is recommended to leave a little extra space and take it easy until the familiarity returns.  Oh, and pack an extra layer or two, because the only thing guaranteed about spring riding is that the good weather is fleeting!

Happy riding!

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