Suzuki Canada: On the Road Again

Image: Suzuki Boulevard M109R

Summer is here, and Canada is finally starting to open up!

We’re sure most of you are just itching to get ‘On the Road Again‘ and make some new memories with friends. But you may want to ride in style. No worries – our authorized Suzuki dealers have you covered with an extensive array of genuine parts and accessories made specifically for your bike or ATV that will enhance your riding experience.

So, check out the following parts and accessories, see your local dealer and take a few of these items out with you on your next road trip!

Tank Bag

Tank Bags | Part #: 990D0-04600

Carry extra essentials in our durable nylon tank bag. The bag is designed to detach from the bike quickly so that you can keep it with you. Also, the waterproof materials ensure your items are well-protected. A mounting bracket specific to your bike is required.


Half Covers | Part #: 990A0-66024

These convenient and economical nylon covers have been UV treated to protect your bike from harmful UV rays. In addition, the heat-treated seals provide a waterproof covering to keep your upper bike dry so you can enjoy a comfortable ride!

Heat Grip

Heated Grips| Part #: 57100-06820

These summer days can become cool, especially at night! So, turn up your comfort level by turning on your heated grips—it also features multi-level settings for peace of mind.

Fog Light

Fog Lights | Part #: 99000-990d2-214

Improve your visibility while riding at night on those lonely country roads. Our LED technology ensures low electrical consumption while providing a very bright beam.


Luggage | Part #: 990D0-ALSC3-037/93100-31820

On the road again, and the trip is a long one? Then, carry more luggage with these beautiful Aluminum or Plastic Hard Cases! Large capacity allows you to take many items in a waterproof environment. This luggage is designed and engineered specifically for your, Suzuki!


Bumpers | Part #: 990A0-45085/990A0-45095

These heavy-duty KINGQUAD ATV bumpers are a must-have! Both front and rear are designed to add great protection when transversing those tight trails. They also give your KINGQUAD that more aggressive look!

Aluminum Skid Plates | Part #: 990A0-43015

Add more to your KINGQUAD armour and protect critical components on your ATV with our aluminum skidplates. Rocks or stumps, your KINDQUAD will slide right over!

Suzuki Hat

Suzuki Base Ball Caps | Part #: 99991-CAPBK/99991-CAPMN-CAM

When the helmet comes off, throw on a Suzuki Cap and wear it with pride.

Suzuki T-Shirt

Suzuki Hoodie and T-Shirts | Part #:  990A0-15180-XXX/990A0-16242-XXX

Got time to relax before or after a ride! Look cool in our wide array of Suzuki fashion that’s great for men and women. There’s no better way to tell everyone you love your Suzuki!       

Looking to score some of our cool parts and accessories? Find your closest dealer here.