Suzuki Canada: What Makes the Ultimate Outboard?

Suzuki Marine Outboard
Image: Suzuki DF350A Ultimate Outboard

One of the most important items on board a boat is your outboard motor. After all, what’s more important than having an outboard motor built to bring you back to shore safely? That’s why it’s essential to choose an outboard that offers durability, reliability, efficiency, and power.

Suzuki Canada’s four-stroke outboard engines range from 2.5 horsepower (hp) to 350 hp and are one of the most awarded outboard manufacturers globally.

National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Awards Winner

Most recently, Suzuki’s flagship outboard motor, the DF350A, was crowned one of the best in the world in 2017. Judges were impressed with the 4.4-litre V6 engine displacement (the largest in the industry at the time). Also, the DF350A features the Suzuki Dual Prop System (for exceptional grip and acceleration) and Direct Air Intake and Dual Injector (for high compression ratio and efficient combustion), Dual Louver System (for efficiently separating air and water), all the while maintaining incredibly low fuel consumption.

The NMMA has also recognized the following Suzuki Outboards:

  • 2017 DF350
  • 2014, DF25A & DF30A
  • 2012, DF300AP
  • 2011, DF50A & DF60A
  • 2006, DF300 (the first outboard with electronic remote control)
  • 2003, DF250 (the industry’s first 250PS 4-stroke outboard)
  • 1998, DF40 & DF50
  • 1997, DF60 & DF70

Suzuki’s Accolades from Boating Industry

Suzuki has been a prominent recipient of the Top Products award from Boating Industry magazine, an American marine business journal. Top Products are selected from marine products, including outboards, boats, and accessories launched from January to December of each calendar year, which have significantly contributed to the marine industry.

Boating Industry has recognized the following Suzuki Marine products:

  • 2020, DF300B
  • 2018, DF350A
  • 2017, DF150AP / DF175AP
  • 2015, DF200AP

Suzuki credits their success to the sophisticated technology in each Suzuki Outboard Motor. Powerful and economical, each Suzuki Outboard comes standard with innovative technology, superior styling, and a pedigree of excellence you must simply experience. Look for these Ultimate Outboard features at your local authorized Suzuki Dealership.


For generations, boating enthusiasts have relied on Suzuki quality to bring them home. Suzuki Outboards have features designed to prevent failure, alert you before you encounter a problem, and be easy to service when the need arises.

Features include:

  • Dual Louver
  • Water Detecting System
  • Self-Adjusting Timing Chain
  • Dual Water Inlet
  • Tilt Limit
  • Sub Water Inlet
  • Keyless Start System
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Suzuki SDSM*


With Suzuki’s Ultimate Outboard Motor, expect the Ultimate Ride! Our outboards offer smooth and feisty acceleration at all operating ranges and powerful torque.

Features include:

  • Offset Driveshaft
  • 2.50 Gear Ratio
  • High Energy Rotation
  • Dual Prop
  • Multi-Stage Induction
  • Variable Valve Timing
  • Direct Intake
  • Fuel Efficiency and Low Exhaust Emissions
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Environment Protection Technology


Suzuki’s outboard motors are engineered to offer a great boating experience, day-in and day-out. With less vibration and noise, all you’ll remember from your day on the water is the fun. They are light and compact, easy to use, with smooth and decisive shifting, and easy to love!

Features include:

  • Selective Rotation
  • Precision Control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Troll Mode
  • Gas Assist
  • Easy Start System


Suzuki’s Ultimate Outboard Motor offers fuel efficiency and low emissions for low maintenance costs and less environmental impact. Suzuki further supports this with their Clean Ocean Project Initiative, which contributes to a healthier marine environment with waste collection efforts and microplastics collection technology.

Features include:

  • Lean Burn
  • Battery-Less Fuel Injection
  • Dual Injector
  • Clean Ocean Project

Explore our range of Suzuki Outboard Motors and learn more about what gives our products the advantage here:

*Free service utilizing your smartphone to send engine data.